Our Group

Our Group

I-FT is a leading advisory and consultancy group. Our team spans in 4 continents and provides a wide range of top-class services. From finance to legal, to tax and accounting.Our goal is creating value for our clients and give them all the tools they need to establish a prosperous business.

Our strenght is our international presence: with offices in Europe, Switzerland, Dubai, India and South America we can provide the clients with the best opportunities for investments, we can open the doors to make business happen. Our teams abroad will assist you in establishing and running your foreign branches and offices.

The second pillar of I-FT is the financing. We are your finance arranger to help you develop your business. We work with many investment banks and funds to find the best solutions for you, either you are looking to finance the opening of a new branch, or an M&A, either if you need bonds and guarantees or a credit facility, we can assist you.

 Arranging credit lines in different countries gives to our client an edge they can use to leverage their equity and enhance profitability, seizing opportunities when and where they come along.

The third pillar is our team of specialists that have years of experience in legal, tax and accounting, financing and strategic advisory for corporate business. Doing business is complicated, international business even more so; your company needs the best advisors that can guide in the international labyrinth of regulations and find the right path to success.

You just have to explain us your business, we will do the rest!

Commitment and values

We challenge ourselves to bring our absolute best to clients, to the public and to one another, every single day. We set ourselves apart through our passion and pride, we expect responsibility by our partner and employees but at the same time we encourage curiosity and experimentation.

Through our integrated service lines and the deep knowledge that we have in these areas, we help our clients to take advantage of new opportunities, assessing the risks to deliver sustainable and enduring growth. Our high-performing, multidisciplinary teams help our clients in the tax and legal compliance. We work continuously to improve the quality of all our services, investing in our people and innovation.

Our Values are our core beliefs, they drive our actions and behaviors at every level and in every country, jurisdiction and territory in which we operate. We treasure diversity and our group is as diverse as the many countries in which is present.

But we have a shared language of values, offering to our clients, in every different field of experties and in each territory we are in, the same professionalism and the same integrity.

And for the future

Our commitment is to help companies and people in the effort to build a better working world. We want to make a difference today while making the world a better environment, where growth is sustainable and in which future generations will be able to nurture their life and working plans with hope and serenity.

Vogliamo fare la differenza oggi per creare un ambiente migliore dove la crescita è sostenibile e dove le future generazioni potranno coltivare le proprie speranze e i propri progetti.

Our clients can rely on us, knowing that we understand our every action has an impact on the world and that we will do everything to generate positive change both  for our clients and for the environment we operate in.

This is a matter of responsibility and countries we work in know that we care, know that they can trust us and our clients. They know that our struggle is always to create value for our clients, but also for the communities with whom we work and giving our contribution to the fight against the global issues of this century.

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