Catching the best from the foreign markets is the power of internationalization. Whether you are looking for new suppliers, new consumers or new investments, going out of your domestic will bring to your company new growth potential. I-FT team and offices span in 4 continents, giving to you the chance to get new opportunities and taking you by hand to introduce you in new markets with its lobbying networks.


Switzerland has been in the centuries synonim of neutrality and stability. Wars and financial meltdown that ravaged the world never affected this country at the heart of Europe. Your assets will be safe in one of the world’s oldest banking sector and Swiss frank is one the world’s top rated reserve currencies; your savings invested in Swiss real-estate will never experience boom-and-burst cycles in a country that always had positive ratings and outlooks; your company will enjoy one of the most business-friendly environment in the world with first-class services and low taxation.

Corporate-tax is very low and it’s between 9% and 15%, depending on the canton. Vat is just 8,10%, but can be as low as 2,60%. Swiss courts are very efficient and fast and Switzerland has some of the most reputed international chambers of arbitration.

On top of it you will find a Country with vibrant, international world renowned cities and a very affluent market with 10 millions consumers.


Dubai is a vibrant business environment that keeps growing and is an established financial City, an world-cass trading hub. Its real estate market is in unstoppable growth, driven from demand of new houses and offices, both of investors and of people who choose Dubai to live and work. Dubai is now one of the most important financial and business hub not only for the Gulf, Africa and Asia, but for the world. People from these area and from all over the world meet in Dubai to close deal and set up partnerships. Dubai is the perfect place to let your business go global!

Our team will help you in establishing your Company or your branch Dubai and in the Gulf area. We shall guide you through all the burocratic process to get the business license, the visa and the baking account.


East Europe is a fast growing market where to find still many opportunities. It is part of the European Union, so it has access, without duties tariffs or limitations, to one of the richest market in the world with over 500 million of affluent consumers.

East-Europe is the perfect choice to enter the European market. Here you can import and export in the western European countries and you can as well establish a factory or a productive facility with a smaller investment and cheap taxation.


Italy is the third biggest market in the European Union, an important market for fashion and high-end items; here global trends are established and Milan is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, being at the same time an important capital for fashion, a financing hub and the center of one most industrialized region in Europe. Setting-up your business in Italy is the perfect show-room for your business: Italy is at the heart of Europe with easy railway and flight connections to the whole Europe and Mediterranean. Milan is an established exhibition center which millions of buyers visit each year.

In Italy you’ll find the opportunity of a big market with access to the European Union market and you’ll find top-class tools and ideas for your business.


India spans the biggest population and market in the world and has a vibrant economy in full development. The opportunities of this Country are huge like its market. India boosts some of the world best technical educations with skilled engineers that made the country famous world-wide for Information Technology. But in India you can find cheap and reliable suppliers for all what you can think from the garment industries to the mechanical field, to chemicals etc.

I-FT shall help you establishing your branch here and finding clients, suppliers or business partners. We shall help you as well lobbying for your business, helping you to get all you need to achieve success in the Country.

South America

South America is one of the richest regions in the world for commodities. World needs South-America more than ever both for the materials for the green revolution, that in the region are plentiful, and for agricultural supplies. Economic forecasts tell us that the next years growth in South America will be high. Furthermore South America is a vibrant continent with different markets, world-class metropoles and multiple opportunities.

I-FT can help you establish your business in South America, exploiting the whole potential of MERCOSUR free -trade area. Our main base for operations is Paraguay a trade and financial hub which has low taxations and regulations, low costs for production and it is at the heart of MERCOSUR.

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