Financial Advisory

Our Financial Advisory unit is a global team of industry and product experts with years of expertise in corporate finance. We will get for your companies the best credit lines. We will review your capital allocation processes and teaming with our accounting unit we will help you in setting your goals in the financing and reaching them. Our team will help you to achieve a high leverage for your company and projects, but at the same time will choose the right financial instruments for you, for a common mistake is to get financing using the wrong tools, or getting unsustainable conditions. I-FT will scout for you the availability of public financing and grants; we will prioritize the use of these facilities that are always the best deal for the company. At the same time we will look for credit lines and loans, also syndicated, from banks e from investment funds. Our team has a special expertise in financing complex projects from M&A to restructuring, from project financing to PPP. Teaming together our units in the financial, legal and accounting are able to build sound plans and enjoys the trust to get them financed. Your company will be assisted in the whole process from the business plan to the teasers for lenders and investors to the agreement’s drafting and closing.

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